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Our Story

More than Great Food

Amrit Hotel was established in 1995 by the visionary philanthropist and honored businessman Mr. Kashmir Singh Saini. Mr. Saini was born in 1949 in Anand, Gujarat. He considers  Gujarat as his “Janambhoomi” and “Karambhoomi”. His journey in the hospitality industry started when he joined his family business after completing his college education. Hands-on experience and dedication towards striving for excellence guided him for the upcoming life-altering events. 

Mr. Saini started his first venture in 1968 and laid the foundation of Janpath Hotel. His customer-centric approach was apparent from his beliefs transcribed into slogans – “Customer is God” and “Customer is always right”. His hard work, dedication, and sound business acumen led Janpath Hotel to the pinnacle. However, due to certain personal reasons, he had to let go of his business and start afresh, giving rise to (what we know today as the Amrit Hotel) the Amrit Hotel. Mr. Saini, in his new venture, had a clear motive of customer satisfaction achieved by quality food & service at a reasonable price. 

Amrit has completed 27 years in the industry. Our aim is to provide you with the best experience for all your occasions under one roof. We are continuously working to enhance the customer experience. The roots of quality are carried by his heirs as legacy and our firm is dedicated to providing quality and satisfaction to its customers.

Hotel Amrit
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